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КHow to send an SMS for free?

  • Choose (098), (097), (096), (068) or (067);
  • Add the remaining 7 digits of the recipient's phone;
  • Choose Cyrillic or Latin;
  • Write the message text;
  • Кликаете "Я не робот" это проверка от спама;
  • Click "I am not a robot" this is a test from spam;
  • Ready! SMS will reach the destination within 59 seconds.

Questions and answers

  • Do I need to register? - No, send without registration;
  • Have to be a subscriber of Kyivstar? - No, send SMS, everyone can;
  • How much is it? - Free;
  • How soon will I receive texts? - Within one minute;
  • What number comes SMS? - With the number 777;
  • What to do if SMS is not reached? - Send again